Hornets 30th Anniversary


A game broadcast is only as good as its announcers, and since their inception in 1988 the Hornets have had quality voices calling their games on both radio and television. The 2018-19 season marks the first time Charlotte’s NBA fans will not hear the familiar voice of Steve Martin coming from either their radios or television sets. An integral part of Hornets basketball from the beginning, Martin spent portions of the last 30 years in both mediums working with a host of analysts.

In the early years, Martin was joined on the radio by analyst Gil McGregor. From 1988-2002, Martin and McGregor were stalwarts of Hornets broadcasts, first on radio, then on television. When Martin moved to the television broadcast in the 1990s, the radio play-by-play role was filled by Matt Pinto and later Bob Licht. McGregor, who also moved between radio and television, shared analyst responsibilities with former Hornets center Mike Gminski and Gerry Vaillancourt.

When the NBA returned to Charlotte in 2004, so did Martin, spending three years on radio, eight years on television and another three years on radio before retiring after the 2017-18 season. Beginning in 2009, former Hornets great Dell Curry joined Martin on the television broadcast. Curry enters his 10th season in 2018-19, where he teams with Stephanie Ready, a 14-year veteran of Charlotte’s TV broadcast, and Eric Collins.


Years Play-by-Play Analyst
1988-90 Steve Martin Gil McGregor
1990-92 Matt Pinto Gil McGregor
1992-94 Steve Martin/Matt Pinto Gerry Vaillancourt
1994-96 Steve Martin/Matt Pinto Mike Gminski
1996-99 Bob Licht Mike Gminski/Gil McGregor
1999-2002 Bob Licht Mike Gminski/Gil McGregor/Gerry Vaillancourt
2004-07 Steve Martin Henry Williams
2007-15 Scott Lauer
2015-18 Steve Martin
2018-present Chris Kroeger


Years Play-by-Play Analyst Sideline
1988-89 Gary Sparber Mike Pratt
1989-90 Ted Robinson Mike Pratt
1990-92 Steve Martin Gerry Vaillancourt
1992-94 Steve Martin Gil McGregor
1994-96 Steve Martin Gil McGregor
1996-99 Steve Martin Gil McGregor/Mike Gminski
1999-2002 Steve Martin Gil McGregor/Mike Gminski/Gerry Vaillancourt
2004-07 Matt Devlin Adrian Branch Stephanie Ready
2007-09 Steve Martin Henry Williams Stephanie Ready
2015-present Eric Collins Dell Curry and Stephanie Ready